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Foreign Government Leader Wants Your Monetary Support


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A foreign government leader is asking that everyone send a minimum of 10% of their gross income to support him (more would be better).


The following are some of the positive things he has done for his people:

  • Slavery is regulated by laws in the country.  It is lawful to take people from the surrounding countries and make them slaves for life.
  • The government leader has been directing his people to attack surround countries and kill every man, woman, child, baby and their animals except if the soldiers see a young virgin girl that they would like to take for themselves.
  • Homosexuality is capital offense.
  • Citizens that do not swear their undivided allegiance to the leader will be tortured indefinitely.
  • Woman are generally second class citizens.  If they have a question while in a government building, they are to quietly ask their husbands.  Woman are not to hold any positions of power.
  • Citizens are required to swear their allegiance to the leader over their commitments to anyone else including their spouse, children, parents, etc.
  • Citizens are subject to thought monitoring.  Thought crimes will be punished the same as for the actual deeds.
  • Occasionally the government leader will personally kill citizens for transgressions such as lying about how much money they made from a sale that they agreed to give to the leader, refusing to impregnate their brother's wife, etc. 
  • The leader once built levees around the entire country and drowned all of the citizens except one family because he felt the others weren't living up to his standards.

Personal checks or cash are acceptable and are tax deductible.

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iran? pakistan?uganda?brunei? either which way a country like that should be fined for crimes against humanity.

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What a nice succinct way to itemize buybull god's atrocities.  Makes ya wonder how anyone could worship such a monster.

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