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The Sight That Presented Itself Two Days Ago...


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I was on my way to work, and had just exited the train station into a pedestrianized area.  There in front of me was a young couple being quite... demonstrative... in their affections for each other.  In fact rather theatrically so.


Maybe it's the advancing years, but the thought that went through my mind was: "Oh for f***'s sake!  At this time in the morning?  Wouldn't a cup of coffee be a better option?"


Then I realized why they were so acting...


They had positioned themselves so as to be in full sight of and cause maximum embarrassment to a group of Jehovah's Witnesses who were offering leaflets to the passing public.  Judging by the expressions of the Joeys, the couple were being quite successful in their aim.


So, my reaction changed to "Good on you.  Keep at it!"  I then laughed out loud for the next 50 yards or so.


Don't know if this is also the case in other countries, but here it seems the Joeys have decided specifically to target train stations for their evangelical activities. Apparently it's easier than going door to door.


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