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The Most Insanely Violent Cartoon Ever (Is About The Bible)


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In case you're not familiar with the show, Greatest Heroes and Legends of the Bible was a bold little venture that dared to ask one controversial, but vital question: What if we took the most gruesome and awful parts of the bible, paid North Korean sweatshop workers to hastily animate them and then jammed a precocious, androgynous child and its mentally retarded Scooby Doo camel into the whole mess to sing kindergarten rock songs about murder and rape over a Three Stooges sound effects reel?


That's a confusing question to ask, I know. But the good news is that Greatest Heroes has an answer for you; the bad news is that the "answer" is just furious screaming and a slide whistle. The show is balls deep in madness and never wants to pull out. Within the first 10 seconds of the actual animation, we have cougars, holy lasers, cougars running from holy lasers and a John Woo style dove explosion. Within the first minute, we have sex-offending dragons, time-traveling fruit and gunshields.





The title is no exaggeration. This cartoon is pretty nuts! GONZ9729CustomImage1539775.gif I saw some bible cartoons back in my day, but to my memory none of them featured visiting prostitutes or killing people willy-nilly.

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