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My Poem Named Reality, Rather Violent..


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I skipped out into the snowy, dark city,
with my beautiful mommy, clever daddy, and stern older brother.
The day was a light gray, and it was snowing.
Violent rumors of soldiers invading swirled through the city,
but we ignored them,
and we strolled anyways.
Suddenly, loud gunshots screamed of terror and pain.
My frightened cry tensed brother,
he stood in front of me
and mommy and daddy did as well.
Soldiers, like ravens, emerge from the shadows,
yelling, murdering.
Brother tried to interfere.
“Why are you doing this!?”
A soldier threatened him violently.
“It’s war, kid. Now stand back, or be shot.”
Brother pulled out his
long, terrifying pistol,
then the pistol shrieked,
and the soldier fell,
like a raven who smacked into a window.
Mommy tried to reach brother,
but then a large “ BAM BAMBAM BAMBAM”, broke the silence,
And mommy was dead.
I became a statue, as I could not move.
Daddy dropped to the floor, and took a metal capsule into his hand.
He opened it, swallowed a white pill, and collapsed,
gasping for air, until he stopped breathing forever.
Brother’s pistol shrieked three times,
affecting 3 soldiers,
before falling to the floor,
bullets striking his chest,
I screamed, and collapsed.
“ Lotte.. kill him.. “
His whispers were laced with death.
He started hyperventilating, then a shocking minute later...
He passed over to death.
Insanity corrupted my brain,
and my frightened and confused body picked up the pistol.
Three bullets left.
“ Drop the weapon!! “ The soldier yelled,
in his stupid, evil, voice.
I laughed maniacally, and then,
the pistol exploded out of my hand,
and the soldier’s dead, bloody body collapsed like a ragdoll.
I collapsed as well, and I lid in an ocean of tears.
I laid for weeks,with knives in my stomach called hunger,
And finally, I fell into the bed of death.


If anyone was offended, I apologise..

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That's very imaginative and vivid. I like how the outer violence really symbolizes, and is in some way a projection of, the inner emotional violence. The poem also seems that it could serve as a basis for a short story. Please keep writing and sharing! I see you're kind of new to the site, so Welcome to the forums!

Thank you kind sir! I try to qrite everyday, so I shall!

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