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Agora - The Movie


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Hey Folks,


Just watched Agora and I have to say I have a new found passionate hate for Christianity,  Watching what happens to the Library at Alexandra and the folks there really does make me loathe Christianity.


I know some stuff is fabricated but alot of it I can see would have happened in the early days e.g. Christians vs Jews and Christians actually using the bible in a way that allows them to cause pain and injury without feeling remorse.


Fuck Christianity, Fuck the Trinity - If God was in any way just he would not have left the Abomination that is Christianity exist - That said, If Jesus was actually God surely he would have warned us.


Oh wait - Many will come in my name - Yadda Yadda Yadda.

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I felt the same way after I watched the movie. Some of the Christian reviews on it are hilarious, as they try to pull out historical facts arsenals to prove that the film's story wasn't even the likely scenario for the destruction of the library and that it was REALLY this blah blah thing that happened and didn't involve Christians being assholes.


However the library was destroyed didn't matter to me. Like you said, the movie served an important point just portraying the nonChristian side of a story and how Christians can do many horrible things in serving their book. With all the "Christians are good people feel-good" movies coming out lately, Agora was a nice change.

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