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Both Sides Now - Faith And Doubt


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Here's a thought-provoking and artful 3 min. music/art video inspired by Joni Mitchell's song "Both Sides Now," but with all new lyrics.


What happens when a person leaves the religion of their parents? (This applies to christianity and other religions)


See link:


Let me know what you all think of this video.


Do ex-christians have a lot in common with ex-Muslims, ex-Hindus, etc?  Can we help each other as one huge global support group?


Should this website link with other sites in order to do that mutual "support?"


Why do people of various different religions sometimes strictly adhere to their most harmful traditions even when there is so much pain caused within their families?


Is there some sort of universal psychological tendency which causes this? Is it insecurity?


Please, let me know what you think. Thanks.




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Hello + Human:


Thank you for your kind comments.


Recently this video was watched by a hospital chaplian in the USA. (He serves all people from all religions in the hospital - approx 55% christian) He knows me very well. He had this to say about the video:


His Quote:


Last week, I was sitting and listening to a mother who's daughter was dying. She was reflecting on the gift her daughter has been, and always will be, in her life. Then for a while we listened to the silence and the breathing of her daughter with tears in our eyes. 
She broke the silence by saying, "... the bottom line is that we are all connected. I am not religious but I pray in my own way, mostly in tears, and mostly dwelling in the connection of all. I feel most in touch with life when I say all is mystery, all is unknown, and all is connected in that mystery and that unknown. None of us know, and we do damage if we force that on life."
There was more silence. I broke the silence and said, "The world, or at least I, need you to write a book on that. 
Your poem [boydReimer], your song, your life, is such a "book."
End of quote by the chaplian who knows me very well. (He was referring to the song in the video)
If you think the video will help others, please share it, thanks.
Perhaps it can reach people on "both sides" of the divide of faith and doubt, so feel free to share it with all...
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