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I've Had A Really Crappy Week


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I had 2 cats dumped on me, but found a no kill shelter to take them


A friend of mine was committed to a psychiatric hospital and will soon be declared mentally incompetent. This is sad but probably the best thing for her


The person who signed a purchase agreement on my house failed to secure a mortgage, so my house is back on the market. While disappointing, this development will allow me enough time to custom build a new home. I'm meeting with a builder today.


My dog finally lost his battle with Lupus. He became too weak to stand on his own, so I had him put to sleep Thursday night. I know it was the right thing to do, but I am still sad.


I've contracted a very nasty cold and I feel just awful, despite substantial drug and alchohol ingestion.


I'm soooo ready for a weekend. :die:

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Hello Soul in Crisis...


If it's any consolation, I know exactly what you mean. Although we can sometimes recognize the positive aspects to these circumstances... they are still disheartening. It can seem like a serial trauma offender on the loose in my life sometimes. Maybe it's part of the yin and yang? I guess the alternative would be to become an uncaring person during such crisis, and I don't know if we want to be like that either. Maybe some of this is the price of having compassion? :shrug:




I still think having compassion is a good thing, don't you? We can at least be glad we have that, I guess.




I hope your weekend brings you lots of laughter and positive surprises! :grin:

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First I wanna commend you for taking time to find a place for the katz..

"Good Dog Thing" to do for the innocents caught up in your friends problems.


I too mourn with yu the passing of a good hound. Have had several over years grow old and pass or were humanely sent along. Thank you for helping hounder find relief and rest.


Tough decisions to make, hard on the mind and body..




k, fellow hound owner, L

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As the saying goes: It never rains but it pours.


So sorry to hear about your crappy week.


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*Sends hugs*


I hope next week will be much better.

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Your aproach to the cats was much kinder than mine (open dor, put cats outside, close door).


I'm sorry you had such a crap week {hugs}.


If next week isn't better, I'll buy you a beer*.



*beer offer requires trip to Dallas to collect.

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Thank you Amanda, nivek, thunderbolt, Amethyst, and spamandham for your kind responses, they do help.


Amanda, I do think compassion is a good thing and I try to cultivate it in myself. I can also appreciate my own strength at these times. I can go through a week like this without falling apart, despite all the chaos I maintained inner equilibrium and took action as necessary to resolve issues. The only time I broke down was after my dog died, I cried a few tears and that was certainly appropriate. As a Christian I was not allowed to recognize my own inner strength, that would be prideful. Now I can feel proud of myself for how well I handle adversity.


Thanks for the hugs nivek. You look like a good hugger, I bet you give great big bear hugs. When I dropped off the cats at the foster home, a big brown dog came bounding up to my car. He looked like a chocolate lab/german shorthair mix. When I opened the car door he practically crawled into my lap and started kissing my face. It was just what I needed, a good blast of puppy love.


Amethyst, I expect that joining a writing group will make next week better. Looking forward to that.


Spam, the only part of Texas I've ever seen was the inside of the airports during layovers. I would love to actually make a real visit someday. When I do, I'll take you up on that beer.


Again, thank you all for your kindness.

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