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“Did You Follow Jesus?”  (not religious, supposed to have bitter irony)


In the days of old
There's a story told
Man made in the image of God
Man made with a soul
Man made to know his God
But he turned away
Man searching for hope
til this very day

Did you follow Jesus?
Did you follow him?
Did you pray that prayer you were told
Did you let him in?

Dark days that followed
a couple thousand years
Wars, plagues and death
sorrows, pains, and fears

But if I followed Jesus?
What if I followed him?
I did all that was asked of me.
Did he forgive my sins?..

In the days of old
There was a promise told
No more tears and no more pain
Streets paved in Gold

War, death, disease

Plagues across the land.

Where were was Jesus all this time

Where was the Son of Man?

No more need to worry
the end is drawing nigh
But I if were his child
I would ask him why
Why the pain and sorrow?
why the death and despair?
Did he create Evil?
And just leave us there

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Cool song.  Well done!

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Good job. Thanks for sharing. :)

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