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The Hidden Lord


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When I had my first nervous breakdown (and extremely severe it was) I prayed to God to heal me………after two weeks of hospitalised medication I was cured. At the time, I felt my prayers had been answered. The feeling of gratitude and relief was immense. This was perhaps the only time I felt God in my life.


However I have never felt He revealed Himself directly to me (not even then). If He chooses to stay hidden, how I am responsible for my disbelief. If I find Christianity repulsive, why I to be punished for my honesty. If I pretend to love it, why should I be rewarded for lies?


Telling lies is a big no-no, yet Christians do it all the time. If God removed the threat of Hell, just see how fast the faith will collapse. How can God be pleased with love offerings that are almost certainly based on fear?


Why does God send people delusions, why does Jesus talk in parables? I have asked these questions many times. I am yet to see a sensible Christian sensibly answer them. What sort of God creates evil and darkness, creates Hell and burns babies, downs the earth, hardens hearts, turns families against each other, ruins the devout and the heathen alike. What sort of God plays the abusive husband, demands perfection, total loyalty, while insisting you prostrate yourself before Him and beg for His love. Beg and beg and beg, telling Him you are worthless and not worthy of Him. Is God a god or a demon?  


What sort of God has his most sincere followers murdered, has their crops ruined. Why did He turn the rivers into blood, unleash His army of locus. Why does He pretend to love us, when His actions confirm His hatred and cruelty?


Why can’t Christian see what they are pretending to worship is extremely sadistic 

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