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The Non Prophets 13.16Stem Cell Biology 101 - Video Podcast


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Denis' condescending intro; Jeff at CelestiCon; Germany: More people leaving both Catholic and Protestant churches; Victor Stenger: 1935-2014; Email: "You guys rock!"; British Humanist Association sued by "witch hunter"; More email: Denis' intros; What's going on with anti-gay stuff in Africa? Email: Jeff's accents; Back to the Ugandan Constitutional Court - and speaking of non sequiturs; - Email: Marriage equality and polygamy; More gay marriage news: British registrar resigns after refusing to marry same-sex couples; Still more on the Muslim cashier and reasonable accomodation; SIAS: Obama's "coded message" to ISIS; Email: questions about historical sources; Update on Chinese cult murders. Although this doesn't regard evolution, it's another hot scientific topic that I was asked to talk about to the First Baptist Church of Colleyville Faith and Reason class. I thought that the Evolution 101 listeners might be interested in it- a further ethical discussion will be posted later to the Apologia podcast feed.n3YmifWhQT0


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