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To God Be The Glory!

Brother Jeff

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I successfully escaped the fundamentalist Christian cult fourteen years ago, but I certainly can still remember what it was like to live within that religious mindset. I used to think that I saw God active in my life and in the world all the time. Now, of course, as an ex-Christian atheist, I think I do a pretty good job as perceiving the world and the universe as it actually is, and of course there is absolutely zero evidence that a God of any kind actually exists. God never thinks, says, or does anything at all in the real world, except in the minds of believers. And, that is a huge clue to his actual nonexistence.


Here in USA and in other 1st World countries, it is quite common for religious believers to give God the glory for simple things like finding lost car keys or having their favorite sports team win a ball game. I can remember quite well, a few months ago, that God enthusiastically got the glory for the win when the Baylor softball team beat Kentucky in a stunning and very exciting to watch comeback victory. Baylor scored eight runs late in the game, and they stunned and eliminated Kentucky from the playoffs. Kentucky’s season ended quite suddenly and unexpectedly for them, and one of the Baylor players who was interviewed after the game enthusiastically gave God the glory for the win. But, the very next day, Baylor lost their next game and they too were eliminated from the playoffs. Where was God then, when just the day before He had blessed them such a stunning victory? God got the glory for the victory one day, but the next day when a miracle win was not delivered, there was no mention of him at all. How quickly God fades from the scene even in the minds of believers when life doesn’t go their way…


I have been an atheist for fourteen years now, and it still just floors me that 1st World Christians truly believe that God cares about helping them find their lost car keys or about giving their sports team the victory when, if God exists, he has plenty of much more important things that he should be giving his attention to. These Christians living prosperous and comfortable lives rarely give any thought to the thousands of starving children in the world in places like Africa, who could certainly use the intervention of a loving God who cares deeply about them. And, what about outbreaks of serious diseases such as Ebola? Where is God when those people need his help? What about people suffering from AIDS? Where is God for them? What about amputees? Why doesn’t God ever bless them with new limbs?


And, what about the “Prosperity Gospel” that at least once used to be so popular here in America? The story from popular “health and wealth” “name it and claim it” preachers was that God wants us to be rich. He wants us to have the best of everything in life and to enjoy divine health. I even heard one such preacher claim enthusiastically that Jesus was rich (John Hagee, I believe). And, of course, that is all a bunch of pure, unfiltered bullshit. Millions of Christians who bought into the “prosperity gospel” and faithfully prayed for and claimed riches in this life stubbornly remained exactly as they were to begin with. Their prayers and magical incantations (statements of faith) went unanswered and unfulfilled. And, despite loudly and enthusiastically claiming Divine Health, they remained sick.


It is a glaringly obvious fact that God does not actually exist. But, if he does, he has much better things to be doing in this world than helping believers find their car keys or win ball games. And he certainly has better things to do with his magical powers than enriching the bank accounts of believers.




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To be honest, I have absolutely no idea of actually what is "glory".  I am at a loss of how it's possible to "give glory" to anyone or anything - let alone the supposedly "all glorious".  And when I hear of god being "glorified" by some supposed minor miracle I find it a tad difficult not to become rather irate.


Credit to Brother Jeff however in finding a use for the word - in taking the p*ss out of Christianity..  Glory indeed...

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