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On Death, Climate Change, And Existential Angst.


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I used to write a bit when I was 12 but then I stopped.  I think that being in the religion seriously sapped my creativity.  I don't write a lot anymore and I don't know how good I am, but once in a while I find it therapeutic.  I've posted a few things here.  


This regards some of my feelings in the midst of my current existential crisis.  In particular, I'm very socially aware and climate change is really concerning to me.  So this has somewhat to do with that mixed in with the feelings of my own death.  I'd welcome some feedback.


We are all destined to the same place

To be food for worms in a beautiful box
Well not all boxes are beautiful
But even in the plethoric expanse of boxes the feast continues
Nothing can protect us from time
The slow decay into chaos
The half life of real life growing faster by the day
Time speeds up yet it feels so slow
The long march to the grave
Regardless, I protest
I will take the world with me
Not in a violent or malicious way
Selfish? yes perhaps
But isn't all action taken to benefit the self?
Or at best, benefit those the self knows?
Who knows? Not I
But I'll take what I can
In a loud boisterous shout into the cosmos
NO MORE, I shout
NO MORE futility
I cannot find meaning but I will live with the meaning that finds me
I will love and be loved and try my best
To remember what it felt like when the world would never end
Knowing that life was precious, one day at a time.
I look into her face and the sheer beauty that decays to the eye
Will remain for long in my mind
Until that too is extinguished
She's a cruel mother yet she has been kind
Bestowing both her blessings and her curses
And I grieve what she has done and what we have done
I grieve what we knew should have been
I grieve what we could make
But I refuse to despair
Because to despair is to let the cosmic forces of oblivion take you in
But to make peace and live is to truly win
Nevermind, in the end, I still have today
I still have the time, whether short or long it's fine
Because I'm lucky to be here
Even if here doesn't want me for much longer
So again I shout into the void
I take you with me
I take all the worth out of you I can
I will not let your emptiness win
Even when you take me in
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