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The Most Epic Facebook Rant Ever! Glory!

Brother Jeff

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This may be the most epic rant anyone has ever posted to Facebook... ever. Maybe. :) I had my say anyway... Glory!


I have pretty much reached the point of considering religion an absolute tragedy for mankind with no useful purpose whatsoever. Sure, people who are good anyway have been motivated by their religious beliefs to do good in the world, but they would do good in the world anyway because that's a part of who they are as people. Religion is entirely besides the point. Plenty of good people in the world, including me of course, do what they can every day to make the world a better and safer place for everybody, and we do it totally religion-free. We have no god to please and no devil or hell to fear.
On the flip side of that though, plenty of otherwise good people have had their moral compasses warped beyond recognition by religious belief (examples include hating gays and condemning people who believe differently or not at all to eternal torment in hell), and plenty of people who are bad anyway have been made worse by religion. Hitler may be a bad example to bring up for various reasons, but he was a practicing Catholic who believed he was doing the Lord's work. And he was a complete and total racist murderous, genocidal asshole. Islamic terrorists are bad people anyway, but made worse by their barbaric religion and the promise of Paradise if they kill the infidel. Some Christians are bad people anyway. There are assholes in every large group of people. But they are made worse by their religious beliefs and by the excuses to hate others readily available to be found in the Bible. Fred Phelps (good riddance to a shitty excuse for a human being when he died) and his group of hate-filled assholes immediately comes to mind, but so do the Christian assholes who publicly recently suggested that homosexuals should be stoned to death because the Bible says so.
I can't think of a single good thing religion has accomplished for mankind that couldn't be done totally without it. But I can think of plenty of bad things that have happened in the world because of religion. The list of bad things is virtually endless. Books can and have been written about the bad things done by religion and religious believers. Theology has absolutely zero demonstrable basis in reality (this goes for all religions, of course, not just Christianity). God never thinks, says, or does anything at all in the real world (except in the minds of believers) and that is a huge clue to his actual nonexistence.
There is ZERO evidence for the existence of God and ZERO good evidence that there is a heaven to gain or a hell to fear after this life is over. It is almost certain that the end of this life means the end of our existence. That may not be a happy thought, but what will it matter to us after we are gone? I'm getting to where I'm not really bothered by the thought of my own annihilation at the moment of death. I didn't exist to care about not being a part of human history before November 30, 1965 and when I die, I will not exist then either to care about not being a part of human history. But since I am alive NOW to CARE in the HERE and NOW, I will say what I can and do what I can to make this world a better place for EVERYBODY. I'm not enslaved to fear-based, ignorance-based Bronze Age myths anymore. My mind is FREE! No God, know PEACE! I know the hard battle it often takes to get there, but the battle is worth it. The FREEDOM is WONDERFUL! And I am more than willing to help anyone get FREE of religion and baseless religious fears... There is absolutely NO rational reason to live in fear of imaginary gods or imaginary places! I know of quite a few other formerly religious people just like me who are FREE or who are well on their way to being there. We can and we will make a difference and change this world for the better! Our ranks are growing even in this still very religious country, and that of course is a very good thing.
We, as a species, need to be FREE of these Bronze Age myths, fables and legends and we need to be FREE of baseless religious fears. And we need, as a species, to stop worshiping imaginary gods who are not worthy of the worship offered them anyway if they did exist. The God of the Bible is not worthy of worship, and neither is Jesus. If the God of the Bible was real, he would have been locked up long ago as the violent war criminal he is and we would have thrown away the key. If Jesus was alive today, he would be in treatment for mental illness and nobody would take the doctrines he introduced, such as the morally reprehensible concept of Hell, seriously. And sin and talking snakes and the need to sacrifice himself to himself to save us from himself? Gimme a fucking break.... if any of that shit was new to the world today nobody in their right mind would take it seriously. But, because it is enshrined as "holy" in our culture and as something that shouldn't be publicly ridiculed or attacked, millions of people who should know better take ancient ridiculous mythological bullshit seriously, and the results are very frequently tragic. I see the tragedy of it every single day not only in the world as a whole but on an individual level. We would be MUCH BETTER OFF WITHOUT IT. A world without religion would be a world MUCH MORE AT PEACE. There might still be politics to fight over, but nobody would killing the "infidel" and we wouldn't be fighting wars over whose imaginary friend is better or more powerful. And we wouldn't be hating gays or discriminating against women. People could love and marry whoever the hell they wanted, and women the world over would have the same right as men do to do the same things for the same pay, and there wouldn't be religious assholes trying to interfere in women's reproductive rights or mutilating their genitals. And we wouldn't have misguided religious nuts interfering with life-saving stem cell research. We wouldn't have Christians bombing abortion clinics or Muslims bombing just about everybody. We might be fighting over whether liberal or conservative politics is better or whether Communism or Capitalism is better, but we would hopefully be doing a lot less killing over it. Politics is important, but it's not worth killing over (though, of course, that happens all the time and yes it is sometimes sadly necessary to take out assholes to preserve the rest of world, as in the case of Hitler during WWII). But, the point is, rambling though it has been, is that our world would be MUCH BETTER OFF without religion! As long as I am alive and as long as I am capable of it, I will be a voice of REASON and SANITY and LOVE and COMPASSION for everybody in an a world still dangerously insane with religious belief.
This rant, I predict, will either go ignored (as just about all my religious posts do) or it may lose me a few friends. If so, it's their loss and I won't worry too much about it. I lost one friend I knew for 20 years in real life months ago because I posted a hilarious pic of a farting Jesus that she didn't like. I miss her, but life goes on. I find it sad that her imaginary god and her baseless religious beliefs are more important to her than her real life friends who actually exist, but life goes on with people who really care about me and who want to be a part of my life and who accept me as I am, warts and all.
My 2 cents yet again... End of rant.
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It would have to be much shorter to be the most epic rant ever for me.  My attention span is not nearly long enough.  Of course that is my problem, not yours lol. 

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the next thing you need is the right timing to release this rant rather than random post

maybe for replying to super duper ultra fundie's post 

hit them the most

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