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As a teenager I suffered the worse acne the doctor had seen. I know this because when she left the room I checked my notes and that is what she had written. Also upon my first meeting with her she gave me a hug which is unusual for a doctor but understandable and kind considering that I was covered in large angry spots, face,neck,chest,shoulders, etc. I would wake up and the pillow would be dotted with yellow pus and blood from were they would burst in the night from laying on them.


When I had the "good luck" of working with a fundie, whose relentless hellfire  witnessing to me as a teenager caused me to have a complete nervous break down, I  now note that she never told me about Leviticus 21:17-23, meaning God didn't want me anyway. As I still have scars I guess Mr Perfection still doesn't want me.

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