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Rough Essay: The Obsolete Feminine


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I'm currently working on some rough essays that I plan on turning into chapters for my NaNo 2014 project. The very rough working title for my novel is "Envision" and it is about my speculations on the future as it pertains to the modern feminist movement. Several of my fellow ex-cs have inspired me along the way and will probably continue to do so.


I know that feminism is a maligned topic around these parts. Since this is the Creative Works forum, I won't be debating anyone here. Also, I don't have a list of sources to send you at the moment. This is all rough draft, me riffing and writing off of the top of my head. Some of this stuff is clearly science fiction-leaning and most of it is speculative. So take it all with a grain of salt.


That said, I am open to discussing my ideas as presented in my essay. :)


HERE is a link to the document in Google Drive.


That is all. The link should work. It it doesn't, PM me and I will try to fix it.

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