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The Non Prophets 13.13Ash 28: Beer And Pretzels Counter-Apologetics


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Naomi did NOT eat Russell!; atheism and mental illness; IN court allows humanist weddings; abortifacient and antichoice numb-nuts; Urban Outfitters upsets Hindus; our theme song (hint: it's not literal); "Positive Atheism"; Muslim cashier in UK refuses to serve customer buying ham and wine; Claiming to know stuff; Canadian mom & daughter protest abstinence based sex ed; Burundi law to limit churches; "fake nudity" in adult prime-time; abortion in Poland; Matt on NPs?; Jeff's voice acting; preacher forces 13yo to dig his own grave; News! Science shows atheists "may not exist!"itunes pic

Mike and I explore the warped mind of a sadistic madman: Christian apologist Steve Hayes. We discuss his take on what he views to be the most "Common Objections to Christianity from Skeptics'. Yes, we got the idea from Chariots of Iron and yes they probably did a better job at it than us and yes they're show is way more popular than ours, but...I can't remember where I was going with this. Anyway, have fun listening to this and please take the time to send the Chariots of Iron guys an email telling them that Mike and I are way cooler. We can be reached at agnosticsalvation@yahoo.com where you can tell us to fuck off if you're a chariots fan :P. Feel free to download on iTunes as well.


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