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A Wise Mythology Teacher...

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I was recently thinking back to my world mythology class from last semester. I remembered something my teacher said that stuck with me....


"Every religion that has ever existed shares one thing in common. They all tell you exactly what happens when after you die"


I just realized now how utterly true that statement is. It's probably the best answer to that ultra annoying fundie question "Christianity isn't a religion, its a relationship" iv'e ever heard. Well, minus those smart-ass responses :)


Is religion nothing more than man's vain attempt to alter is own mortality, due to his utter fear of death? Is it nothing more than a way for man to reassure to himself that death isn't really the end of existence, just the begining of another? I can't blame them. Hell im afraid to die, im sure alot of people are too.


What do you guys think?

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Although not the only purpose of religions, this is certainly the biggest reason why so many followers are so blindly adamant about their beliefs. This is, after all, their chance at immortality that we're messing around with.

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