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How Much Shit Did You Get Thinking For Yourself?

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I did not find it funny when my dad made the same jokes again and again...like when getting chocolate as a present he would say, that I could keep the paper and he would get the chocolate...


Oh man, our fathers must be related.  My dad is famous for his groaners (jokes that make you groan).  And he thinks its funny to repeat them year after year as if you've never heard them before.  I try and humor him, but I'm not a good actor. 


And while getting treated as not that bright I believed to not be that bright and it never really crossed my mind that thinking much was not something I did due to wanting to put myself in the center of attention but something intelligent people do. Therefore it confused me when people would not get easy concepts of something while I as the not so bright one would understand them right away...


Yeah, I can related to a lot of that.  I always assumed I was just average and made it all the way through HS and several years after graduation thinking such.  I was never challenged and found school work a bore and worst of all, I was in near literal hell doing tedious work that others seemed to just accept as tolerable and part of life.  It wasn't until I went to college that I figured out that the issue was with my teachers and those around me and not me.  I found the work much easier to comprehend than many of my fellow classmates and found a new world open to me.  College, for me, was my Road to Damascus moment. 



Ah, maybe our father's souls have been hanging out before getting their tickets to planet earth...


And I went through hell by doing an apprenticeship that was a hell lot of boredom to me. Also totally not my thing. I was talked into it by my mom and to this day I really don't get why. Why she thought this was a great vocation for me. It was in retail at a paper store. Who wants their child to do an apprenticeship in retail? Especially if your child clearly is an introvert? An apprenticeship that I think has no value since everyone can do this job, there is not much to learn.


It took me years to understand that I was really quite smart and able to actually study. Studying was always reserved for the real smart ones since not just everyone can do so here. And I sometimes think it would have been nice if I got that sooner because even though I still have the power to do so, learning was easier when in my twenties.


However, what I don't get either is, why my parents have such a bad humor while both are actually quite bright as well. Maybe because they too where seen as more the average.



And Brother Josh...psychology is from the devil, didn't you know that? Psychologists have all a secret pact with satan.

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