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Question 54352: I'm wondering how, without presupposing that Christianity is true, one can consider the bible a true document?


I posed this 'stumper' to the genius-faces at gotquestions.org. Two days later I received this response which I will critique, paragraph by paragraph. Fundies were hurt in the making of this post.


Answered by: Damon


What a gay name (no offense to cool people named Damon).


Answer: Whether or not you believe the claims of Christianity, the historicity of the Bible is without parallel among ancient texts. Archeological finds continue to support the peoples and events found within the pages of Scripture, causing secular scholars to continually rewrite and rethink their objections to the biblical record.


Unfortunately, this paragraph fails to answer. Damon, in his infinite wisdom, provides nearly nothing but his own opinion here. One thing that I might comment on is his statement 'causing secular scholars to continually rewrite and rethink their objections to the biblical record', which just shows the intellectual honesty found within the secular scholastic community (of course, since Damon is just providing his opinion, whether or not this is true is moot...this is a critique of what Damon is saying).


Not only does history give credence to the Bible, but its manuscript evidence is equally amazing. No other ancient text has as strong a manuscript support as does the Bible; not only in amount of manuscript support, but also the in the fact that the words of Scripture have been virtually unaltered since the earliest manuscripts on record.


Not only does Damon not give credence to the Bible, but his unparalled abilities to provide absolutely nothing of value for me to look into drives me to mindlessly insult his intellectual abilities. Damon, if you're gonna provide me with hyperbolic testicle gargling of how amazing the Bible is archaeologically and corroboratively then you really need to stop shooting blanks. I have no other choice but to declare you intellectually vasectomized.


Of course, it could be that my question is fairly vague in its wording. By true document I mean, of course, that not one iota of it is false. Since all that is required of me is to find one factually erroneous statement to prove Damon wrong.


Lastly, predictions (prophecies) made in the Bible have actually come true. The statistics for this occurring by guessing or random chance are so high as to be absurd. Yet, they do occur. Consider the prophesies in the Book of Daniel describing the Medo-Persian, Greek, and Roman empires, hundreds of years in advance. Consider the prophecies in the Book of Isaiah predicting the events of King Cyrus's reign, over one hundred years before Cyrus lived. Consider the prophecies regarding Israel, how after its fall it will once again become a nation. Skeptics simply cannot oppose these facts.


The statistics for the number of people who trot out "random chance" is astounding. Why the need to bring in this stupid phrase? The statistics for anything occuring through random chance are astounding.


However, since Damon provides no passages for me to analyze myself and compare to the actual historical reign of King Cyrus...I am left with once again insulting Damon. Consider the vague wording of the prophecy Damon that you would only have realised unless someone pointed it out to you, consider that many people predict events that come true, consider that Israel became a nation as a result of self-fulfilling prophecy. Can I prove it was? No, but I don't have to because your fucking book doesn't give specifics regarding the date, time, countries involved, people involved, or anything specific. In order for this to even be a fulfilled prophecy, there would have to be a period of peace immediately following the creation of the Israely state....which didn't happen.


This is where it gets tricky. If the Bible is true, then that demands a response from its reader. Isaiah 46:9-10 reads, "Remember the former things, those of long ago; I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like me. I make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times, what is still to come. I say: My purpose will stand, and I will do all that I please." The evidence that the Bible is true is overwhelming--and that same evidence corroborates the truth of Christianity. This is the very reason the Bible is so viciously attacked, for if it really is true, and it is, then there really is a God, and there is, and that God has a lot to say about eternity, which most people simply don't want to accept.


See....Damon....you didn't provide overwhelming evidence. You didn't provide anything substantial other than your own meager opinion.


If there is one thing factually wrong, Damon, then your belief is. Since I can provide numerous things to show that the Bible is not true, then you're done.

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Can't we just send him the list of snappy answers in response? Should cover everything he brought up in there.

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