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Jpmorgan Chase And Upper-crust Emotion


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Is it just me or do some commercials just piss you off? Well, if it's just me than this is a post about a series of sleazy ads for chase credit cards which usually advertise their plastic debt bait with a shitty soft-rock hit and an old money cliche. For those interested in which ones I am referring to, here's the link.


Yeesh, you can just smell the money they paid a corporate psychologist to dupe people into feeling good about their 18% interest rate.


I'm not hating on capitalism, just deception and mass profit from manipulating people's emotions.


What commercial pisses you off?

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...just deception and mass profit from manipulating people's emotions.



Gee, why would you be mad at them? They're just doing what churches do! :grin:


... hmmm... I suppose that might be the ultimate answer to WWJD...


Anyhow, commercials are the big reason I don't watch much TV anymore. But I do watch CNN in the mornings, and the only current one that irks me is that ad for Sacred music CD's.

Now, in general, I have always loved sacred music of almost any stripe. Elizabethan hymns, Gregorian chant, even Hindi wailing and that stuff they holler from minarets is kind of cool.

But this pasteurized C/W-whiny lord-praisin', white-clapboard-generic-church droning is just so mind-numbingly mediocre I swear just the sound of it could bleach your blue jeans.

It's the aural essence of a religion designed NOT to be thought too deeply about -- music to have a lobotomy by.


Oops -- sorry -- I guess I just turned this into another rant on religion. Ah, well -- I come spring-loaded to that position, lately...

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I don't know why but your post reminded me of the first time I watched the 700 club (about three weeks ago). It was the last time. No. More. The man was giving advice on how to lose weight, adnthis idiotic woman was just sitting there nodding and smiling at him. Every once in a while she would say something along the lines of "you are so right Pat Robertson." It was God damned awful! I am not one for cable tv because my family has never suscribed to it, so I stick to TV.


Oh, I have another commercial I would totally shit on....


The Sock'em Boppers commercials where kids are beating the shit out of each other with smiles on their faces. It just looks like they are being jumped into a gang.


BTW, I was trying to find a picture or maybe a link to those commercials and I stumbled upon this...




Something creepy about this... :scratch:

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