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Jesus Christ - Artifice Of Bs

Brother Jeff

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The Holy Spook magically led me to find this article here. It is written from a Hindu perspective.



By S. P. Attri (USA)

June 30th, 2003


1. At this time, writings on " Who Was Jesus Christ" are mounting. At least two Hindu Authors have already dealt with this subject, giving Hindu point of view. These are:


1) Jesus Christ: An Artifice for Aggression by Sita

Ram Goel


2) Profiles in Deception: Ayodhya and the Dead Sea

Scrolls by N.S. Rajaram


2. I am interested in a realistic portrayal of Jesus Christ, and tell it like it is. I am not afraid to peek through Christian-Camouflage, put Christian-Claims to test, rattle Christian-Cage, expose un-truths, and put to view flustering/embarrassing contents of what goes by the name of Christianity and its illustrious leader, Jesus Christ.


I do not question Sita Ram Goel's assessment of him as " An Artifice For Aggression." Two-Thirds of Aryan-Europe was murdered as a result of teachings of Jesus Christ, this makes Jesus Christ the biggest contrivance of aggression, in mankind's time-line of history.


I also do not question Dr. Rajaram's assessment in "Profiles In Deception," as explained via Dead Sea Scrolls. In fact, Dead Sea Scrolls establish that:


New Testament is a forgery (100% forgery) of Dead Sea Scrolls, that were written approximately 130 years before Jesus Christ. What greater certification of deception is possible to substantiate the cooked-up fraud of Christianity?



3. But inspite of such devastating attestations, I want to give Christianity and Jesus Christ the benefit of doubt, by starting with the story of Jesus Christ as given in Bible, and properly reward him with fruits of his labor.


The Bible puts Jesus Christ at war with the Devil, Jesus Christ described Devil as the Biggest Enemy of his God (his Father: Incindentally this was also a Big-Fat Lie), and also of mankind.


This delinquent punk (Jesus Christ) shocked and amazed crowds, always busy with driving Devil out of people, he was a great performer, he could capture crowds. He understood atonce what superstitious and basically stupid crowds wanted to see. His rise from a carpenter to a world class celebrity, as a means of making a living, makes him the biggest Exorcism-Artist. The problem with Jesus Christ's profession is that:


There is no such thing as a Devil. Devil is a purely imaginary creature, a creature of no existence. His Big Fat Lie and his freak show has no place in a civilized and educated society. In fact, his religion of Christianity is also a religion of Exorcism, because everything that Christianity does is, Exorcism in one form or another. It is not only amusing but pathetic.


4. One might logically ask about who needs Christianity any way?


Answer: Only those who are afraid of the Devil. They are the only human beings who need Christianity's Services, because Christianity does Exorcism on them and for them. Their leader, Jesus Christ, was the biggest Exorcist, he was busy driving out Devil (a totally imaginary creature, a creature of No-Existence) from people. Jesus Christ did not know what the hell he was doing, he was screwed up, and was a Malevolent, Purposeful Liar, without realizing that he was full of SH**. The level of Jesus Christ's Lie is Horrifying.


5. Why do people go to Christianity? People go to Christianity, out of Devil's Fear (a totally imaginary creature), they want to be saved from this Evil-Devil, they are neither being realistic, nor being honest with themselves nor with others.


People who are rational, logical, and reasonable, do not believe in Devil, they have no need of Christianity. But people who feel they are helpless, and cannot stand on their own feet, have chaos in their life. They are the ones who fall for sermons of Christian-Clergy, Christian-Clergy scare hell out of their congregation, this keeps their troops in line, and their congregation within Christian-Church. The Dumb, Superstitious Christian-Congregation, who sing patriotic songs of Christianity, do not even realize that they are being hosed by their Imbecilic-Clergy. This Imbecilic-Clergy is trying to regulate their lives, deny them liberties, issue screwed-up statements, that besides being false, are silly and no longer relevent.


6. The answer to initial question "who was Jesus Christ?" is:

He was "An Artifice Of Bull-Sh**."


7. The existence of Devil, and of fighting against Devil, is of so frequent occurrence in Christianity, and so many revered authorities of Christianity have held it to be so, that any success in puncturing this concept of lie, will automatically puncture Christianity concurrently. A Determined and Valiant Attack on this Big-Fat Christian-Lie, should become our battle-ground with Christianity in India. Our attacks on Devil-Concept of Christianity should be relentless. We should be totally un-afraid to slug it out with the Liars of Christianity.


This Christian Lie is manifestly dangerous and a totally untenable doctrine. This Lie is essential to the practice of Christian Religion, we Hindus should not fail to take advantage of opportunity, to take Christianity on at fundamental level, and send it to its tomb. We must not let the Potato-Heads of Christianity, off the hook. We must make them accountable, and go after them in real earnest.


In the eyes of the Christian-Church, every word of every gospel (including the Devil-Gospel) is truth, whole truth, and nothing but truth. That is the only way they understand and practise Christianity.


But every word of Devil-Gospel of Bible is lie, whole lie, and nothing but lie.


8. Putting it in the Spin-Zone:

All Devil-Stories of Bible are Bull-Sh**. There is no such thing as Devil. Devil is a totally imaginary creature, a creature of No-Existence. This is the Fundamental Flaw, Fundamental Falsehood, and Fundamental Fraud of Christianity. It is the Rape Of Truth.The danger of this Rape Of Truth comes not only from the False-Hood alone, but from the implementation of this Rape Of Truth, to destroy all Non-Christian Religions.


This point alone, the Mother Of Lies, by itself is more than sufficient, to set aside the rest of Biblical-Claims. It shall convince Christians and Non-Christians that, Christianity is taking them in a fundamentally wrong direction. How foolish are they to try to convert every one they can to Christianity, a Doctrine of Basic Fraud? Nothing shall expose the fundamental fraud of Christian Missionary activity, as this exposure.


9. Christianity labels Devil as the Biggest-Enemy of mankind and of Christianity. This statement is also abject falsehood because Devil is not the Biggest-Enemy of Christianity, Devil is the Biggest-Friend of Christianity. Devil represents the Ultimate Fear-Factor, without Devil there is no justification for the existence of Christianity. If there had been no Devil, this Wretched-Christianity would have disappeared centuries ago, and mankind would have been spared the rampage of Christian-Barbarism in Europe and elsewhere.


10. A Practical Suggestion: All Hindu Organizations of India ( VHP, Bajrand-Dal, RSS, Hindu Mahasabha, Arya Samaj, and others) ought to go in Full Attack-Mode, and knock the hell out of Christianity in India, by explaining to Indian Christians the Bull-Sh** of Christianity, and how they (the Indian Christians) are being fooled by the Big-Whigs of Christianity, and how they shall be logical and smart by calling it quits to Christianity, and rapidly walk in droves into the waiting arms of Hindu-Dharma.


11. Unfortunately, such blatant fraud and falsehoods of Chrisntianity are seldom challenged or condemned by Hindus, and are in fact passively accepted. This is wrong, it not only legitimizes Christianty, but gives them respectability that they don't deserve. It encourages them further to go out for number-catching, to win more souls for Jesus Christ. Don't forget that Evangelisation is big business, Christians are out for "harvesting of souls." They are trying to plant church in every village of India, and to put Bible in every pair of hands in India.


Instead of getting lost, we need to confront Christianity:


We Hindus need to go out to both our Dalit-Brothers, and to those Dalits who have converted to Christianity. We need to tell them clearly, convincingly, and confidently that, Christianity is lying to them. Christianity is telling them that:


They are liberating them (the Dalits) from Hindu-Tyranny. Actually, Christianity is NOT liberating them at all, Christianity is Bull-Shi**ing them. Christianity did not come to India to liberate Dalits, Christianity came to India to conquer Dalits, to scare them of a totlaly non-existent Devil (that does not exist), Christianity is Bull-Sh***ing them. Warn all Dalits:


Please don't let these Imbeciles Bull-Sh** you.

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I stopped reading at this:


I also do not question Dr. Rajaram's assessment in "Profiles In Deception," as explained via Dead Sea Scrolls. In fact, Dead Sea Scrolls establish that:


New Testament is a forgery (100% forgery) of Dead Sea Scrolls, that were written approximately 130 years before Jesus Christ. What greater certification of deception is possible to substantiate the cooked-up fraud of Christianity?



Seriously...talk about bullshit???? Puh-lease.

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