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Godman Sacrifice To Save Humanity

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I need a list of godmen worshipped prior to Christ that also sacrificed their lives to save humanity. Any websites with this information would also be useful.




Osiris is one such god-man.


The Savior Cult of Osiris


You may want to examine Wikipedia for the similarities between Mithraism and Xianity, also.

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Along with Osiris, the biggest names in this sport seem to be Mithras, Attis, and Dionysus.

There are numerous websites (of varying degrees of scholarly reliability) with information on these. Myself, I tend to be a bookish sort, so:


The Ancient Mysteries, a Sourcebook of Sacred Texts; by Marvin W. Meyer

Myth & Mystery, An Introduction to the Pagan Religions of the Biblical World; by Jack Finegan

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Arguably, Prometheus could be used as an example. He had brought down fire from the gods.


Throughout history, some were worshipped as "Lightbringers," people who fought and challenged the tyranny of the Gods.

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Persephone and Demeter, together.


Their whole story is in some senses a story about sacrifices. Persephone dies and is reborn every year, that process, coupled with the mourning and rejoicing of Demeter, is what the Greeks felt brought about the cycle of the seasons, which was an integral part of the processes of nature which sustained their lives.


Whether any deity really "dies", though, is open to question. I mean, how can an immortal figure die?


Maybe I'll actually provide a link to the Homeric Hymn to Demeter once I'm more awake. Right now I should go to bed instead.

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