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Beware False Profits


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WTF? Thought *all* good Xtians figured the whirrled as they know it is quickly coming to an end..



Beware false profits

Competitive Enterprise Institute

by Iain Murray


"The Evangelical Climate Initiative today issued a brief report

entitled 'Climate Change: An Evangelical Call to Action.' It calls for

Evangelical Christians to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions from the

burning of fossil fuels and is signed by 86 evangelical leaders.

Sadly, these good men and women have allowed their itching ears to

listen to fables. Their claims are based on half-truths and unsound

logic." (02/09/06)



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If they're so worried about how much carbon dioxide is in the air changing the climate

why don't they just simply shut up. Imagine the possible improvements to the

environment if millions of them stopped evangelizing, preaching and babbling

and reduced the amount of carbon dioxide emissions. Not to mention the general

improvement of life on earth for the rest of us. :HaHa:

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