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Happy Belated Darwin Day!


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A little background:


In the Dover trial, which was about teaching Intelligent Design in schools, Michael Behe was a scientist who was a big ID proponent.


One of his arguments was that the bacterial flagellum was irreducibly complex, therefore an Intelligent Designer must've made it. Of course, this idea never passed peer review because there's like 60 legitimate sources out there that explain the evolution of the bacterial flagellum perfectly.


Word is that during the trial during cross-examination the lawyer held up one of these science papers, and asked "Did you read this article detailing the evolution of the bacterial flagellum?"


"No, I have not."


Another paper. "This one?"


"Oh that one I've read."


"How about this?"


And so on and so forth until this huge stack of evidence against his claim was put forward. So the lawyer looked at him and pretty much asked him what he thought of all this evidence.


"It's not good enough for me." (If someone can get me the actual quote, that'd be peachy.)


And now I bring you my commemmoration of this event and a belated "Happy 197, Darwin!" It took me like three days to get it together.





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