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Weeks After Colorado Springs Shooting, Anti-Abortion Activists Resume Protests


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The lights are still dark at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood where on 27 November a shooter killed three people inside the clinic and wounded nine.


But the protesters are already trickling back.


They are a standard feature at the spot where a long driveway to the abortion clinic meets the road. And on Saturday, before Planned Parenthood employees had even reentered the building, several protesters returned for the first time since the attack.


“Something tells me to go out there right away,” said Joseph Martone, a regular anti-abortion picketer. He was holding a new sign: “Our prayers and condolences to all affected by the recent shooting at Planned Parenthood.” Referring to the shooter, he said: “What he did was more than a few steps beyond what I would do.” Referring to the patients in the clinic that day: “No one deserves to go through what they have gone through, even though they put themselves in harm’s way.”




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