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A Priest, A Lawyer And A Theoretical Physicist


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Went to a lecture by Michio Kaku, the physicist who does science TV and radio, the other night and he told this story:


A priest, a lawyer and a theoretical physicist were about to be executed. When the priest's head was put in the guillotine and he was asked for his final words, he answered, "God from above shall certainly set me free." The blade was raised, released, came down and stopped inches from the priest's head. The crowd perceived this as a miracle from God and let the priest go.


As the lawyer's head was placed in the guillotine, his last words were, "Justice and mercy shall set me free." Amazingly, the blade came down and stopped right before it hit the lawyer's neck, the crowd was fascinated and thought justice has spoken to them — the lawyer was spared.


When the theoretical physicist's head was placed in the guillotine and he was asked for his last words, he said, "Yeah, I’ve got some last words. I don’t know too much about God, and even less so about the Law, but I do know one thing — if you look up you will see that the rope is stuck on the pulley....”

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