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Intellectually Lazy Christians


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Hey Asimov, hope you don't mind, but I'd like to re-post this here to increase the chances of it being addressed by one of our Christians. Maybe they can shed some light on this behavior. I really want an explanation.


This post was number 26 in the Observations of Christians Thread.



Here is a problem I (and others) have run into with some (not all) of the Christians here.


They are lazy.


When they have a choice between posting a rebuttal against an intellectual argument post, or an emotional argument post.....


Notice they choose to debate the emotional arguments nearly every time. While the intellectual posts which back up their positions with verifiable FACT are left untouched to gather dust on the thread.


How can we take you seriously when you'd clearly rather swap insults and emotional barbs, than actually present an opposing argument for the Thread topic at hand?


Of course some of you are whining that Christians are just getting slammed and insulted crudely in the Debate forum....those are the only posts you pay attention to. It's easier to whip out that "sword" with pages when the "sword" itself isn't being proven time and again to be blunt and flimsy.


And of course when the person who crafted the intellectual argument demands a real answer, it either never comes, or you whine that you are being persecuted, no one is listening to you (hint: we will listen to YOU not that damn book you cannot prove valid, big difference) and you take us to task on emotional outbursts that just a few posts prior, you were encouraging with vigor.


Such examples of Christianity are the very examples of religion changing it's tune whenever convienient, re-interpreting the bible whenever convienient, and generally turning tail when the whole house of cards proves flimsy.


Yeah....we really want to get back in line for that ride.



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White Raven, I split this post off from the topic where you had originally posted as your question has gone unanswered.


For any of us there is the tendency to gravitate to the line of least resistance. Change is tough and it takes a commitment coupled with a lot of hard work and discipline to pull it off. Long-held views, mindsets, creeds, morals, principles and ethics are at risk. The ego and one's sense of self-esteem may be walking a tightrope as well.


Relationships with friends and loved ones are on the line.


I'm not speaking for anyone in particular, but I will say that for some Christians, the fact that they are reading this site may be the biggest step they have ever taken and the riskiest venture they have ever attempted. From their perspective, this site may be shark-infested waters. I admire those Christians who put their faith at risk, even ever so slightly, just reading here, whether or not they ever join the ranks of our membership and post.


I do see some laziness in thinking and a heavy reliance on emotional aspects but with the fear of spending an eternity in hell, as the alternative, I can see how Christians can appear rather slow at moving into serious discussion or debate and I can't see how we can blame them.


To add to that, how easy is it to say, "I was wrong?"

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