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Sexton Blake

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The crazies are out in force on youtube, with their videos of people who have been to heaven and hell and come back and so much other trash.


When I say crazies, I don't just mean christians who preach what they think is in the bible and threaten disbelievers with hell. There are flat earth people (because the bible says so) , the Mandel effect (time is flaky on Earth and keeps changing and only these people notice it) and all sorts of conspiracy theorists and other weird stuff.


They have numbers on their side so a little help in pointing out the truth and reality to such people would be appreciated.

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It baffles me how they can say they've been.  I'm pretty sure hell also either matches with Dantes description or is it revelations take.


Also no one goes anywhere until the final judgement so if they see either they are out stepping the bible.  


If they want people to believe them their God should give us all a vision and not just the extremes of society.


Heck there are churches near me where they profess to believe people gave had limbs grow back so if a group of 200 people become convinced at zero evidence and just because the preacher said so having people see visions isn't that far fetched.


Also according to the bible heaven is continuous worship non stop and that's all it is.  And hell has gods angels torturing mankind which is an oxymoron of itself as it implies god exists in hell.


Lastly ask yourself this what do u know about hell as tbh most have usually images of fire and pain so its not hard for anyone to have a dream.


I wonder why Satan and Angels decided to overthrow God considering they would be wise enough to know God is unbeatable or is he?!

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Remember Christians will always have numbers as they have a common goal atheists don't really care hence no strong rebuttals

They may have a common goal but there is no unity in Christianity. Show me two Christians and I'll show you two different set of beliefs. Gay rights, woman priests, animals have souls, evolution, literal bible, age of the earth, rock n roll/harry potter/d&d is the work of satan, etc. You would be hard pushed to find any subject which they agree upon, compare that to atheists who have only one statement on which we all agree.

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