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Ice Cream Truck Playing Xtian Music


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Just in case you thought there was any area that pushy Christians hadn't intruded into. 

I was sitting outside last night. It is getting to be warm in the evenings and absent mindedly heard the familiar sound of the jingle of the ice cream truck that plies our area.  Some of the tunes started sounding familiar then it hit me. They were playing 'Jesus Loves Me', that old Sunday school standby. I kept hearing it fade in and out as it transversed our neighborhood, Then I heard 'Deep and Wide'. 


The area where we live is lousy with Fundies. There are two big mega churches nearby. I guess the company owning these things thinks this is good for business. We have a neighborhood online forum but I would not bring this up on there to save my life. I'd get hit with the 'anti-Christian' thing. 


Why  the hell do these people think everyone wants to hear their crappy songs?  They hear them twice on Sundays and at midweek services. Why force it on everyone else? Just ranting. 

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Sometimes when I get stuck in a situation where Christian music is playing and I don't want to rock the boat too much, I'm surprised by how easily the songs (especially some of the older hymns) fit into a more, shall we say, irreverent theme. It's hilarious how so many of these songs sing about Jesus' love and how he wants to come inside everyone (homoerotic undertones much?) In your particular case, I remember the song 'Jesus Loves Me' quite well; the lyrics, re-imagined slightly, put Jesus in a hilarious (albeit creepy) light:


Jesus loves me this I know

For the Bible tells me so

Little ones to Him belong 

They are weak but He is strong!


It sounds like the Son of God is very fond of children. :wicked: Maybe the Catholic pedophile priests are actually following in his footsteps after all? The song later talks about goodies like a 'heaven's gate' that will open wide so Jesus can 'wash away' sin. That doesn't sound dirty at all, now does it?


Likewise, the song 'Deep and Wide' is all about a fountain flowing, as the title suggests, 'deep and wide.' I'm pretty sure you can guess where this is going...





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