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Popular YouTuber Gets High, has a Panic Attack, and Finds Jesus all at Once...

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Hey, everyone!  I'm slightly annoyed by something that happened over the course of the last week.  Popular YouTuber, Sarah Baska, decided that she would make a video for her 1 million plus subscribers explaining how she came back to Jesus after getting too high and having a panic attack.  She misrepresents so many different serious issues in this video that it would be hard to list them all here.  Anyway, now there are a bunch of impressionable young teens who are convinced that god used her experience to bring her back to him and that marijuana is a tool of Satan... smh :/   This video is literally a great example of when drugs and religion meet again on the other side.


On a personal level, my biggest fault with this video and the message it contains is that medical science is completely thrown out the window in favor of some weird blend of hippy style Christian spirituality.  She actually went to the hospital because she was convinced that she was going to die from smoking marijuana.  Her "near death experience" brought her back to god.  Don't get me wrong, panic attacks and anxiety disorders are no laughing matter, and they can be quite serious when not handled properly.  But, marijuana is not the only thing that can trigger them in people who have anxiety disorders.  Alcohol consumption can trigger them, stress can trigger them, diet can trigger them, antidepressants can trigger them, a walk through an unfamiliar part of town can trigger them - many many different biological and environmental factors can trigger them.  However, you won't learn any of that by watching this video.


One other huge problem I have with this video is that it (and others like it) does a lot of harm to the efforts of concerned activists, real doctors, and scientific researchers who are trying to erase the negative stigmas and stereotypes that surround marijuana so that it can studied for the development of new life saving medical treatments.  Enjoy.... I guess. 



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