Sports stars praising God

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I was watching the UFC today, the main event was a match between Robert Whittaker and Yoel "soldier of god" Romero.  Yoel, like so many sports stars, praised god for getting him to where he was and the classic "through god all things are possible".  Whittaker kicked his ass becoming the first Kiwi/Ozzie UFC champ.  In a post fight interview Yoel said "it was gods plan, I follow his will". So win or lose they still praise god.

I heard one bishop say "God doesn't care what sports you play, if you win the victory was due to your hard work. Be proud of your achievements". So at least some Christians have it straight.

Previously there was a fight between a Muslim and a Christian.  The Muslim won and he was sure Allah had made him strong... proving god via punching someone in the face until they stop moving.

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Yeah, that's one of my pet peeves!  

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