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Contemporary Xian (dare I say) music?


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OK it's been about 3 years since I was able to escape the madness.  Funny thing is, the wife stopped going to church a couple years before I did.  Didn't ask, she didn't tell (we have an intimacy-free marriage.  Neither of us feel like sharing our personal stuff anymore.  Kids: don't try this at home)


Anyway, she STILL listens to contempo xian more than any other genre.  god, I would gag on that stuff when I was still "on fire for jesus" (was more of an old time hymns and anthems guy).

I guess I went about 1 or 2 years w/o hearing any contempo.  Praise Darwin!  Then one day on the way to the in-laws, she turns this stuff on in the car.  I knew every song and half the words because it's the same garbage they've been playing for 10 years.  Thank Sagan we have "separate cars"!

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My wife is still a believer. She likes K-Love (Christian Music Station) & plays it in the car. It's the same thing over & over. I'm a sinner, thank you Jesus for loving me & saving me. As a believer you don't realize all the songs are saying the same thing. 


I suppose contemporary music is similar. Those songs tend to be all about searching for love, finding love, losing love. I think they do come up with more imaginative ways of saying the same thing though.

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1 hour ago, Burnedout said:


Geezer, do you speak any foreign languages?  There are some foreign songs that have some good other themes.  


Yes, I am fluent in Midwestern, Southern, & gibberish. And I can fake French sufficiently enough that it almost sounds like a real language. My wife says I have multiple worthless talents. :fun:



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We have Xtian neighbors with teenagers who play this stuff loudly from their deck on Summer days when they are doing stuff in the yard. The earlier poster nailed it, after awhile the tunes all sound the same. It's their right to do so I just wish they'd turn it down a bit. 


I made another post a couple on this back about the ice cream truck that plies our area playing 'Jesus Loves Me' among other tunes. 

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