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Are there any Ex-Pentecostal millennials or Pentecostal young adults thinking of leaving the church who are willing to share their story?

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Hi all. I grew up christian in New Orleans, LA and moved to Los Angeles about 12 years ago. I'm currently working on organizing and developing a new documentary series following Pentecostal millennials who are questioning their faith, looking to leave the church, or have recently left. The series would show the world through their eyes on their journey wherever it happens to lead them. I would love to speak with anyone willing to share their experiences. This may be young adults still part of the church who simply want to experience life outside or young people who have already left The church. Right now I'm in early research phase of the project and skyping a bunch of people to gain better insight. If you're open to sharing your story please let me know. I'm happy to answer any additional questions you may have. Thanks! rotnerjennifer@gmail.com

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