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Request regarding registration


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I'm a new user and this is my first post. 

This is just a slight complaint/request relating to the registration process. Hopefully this is the right place to post this. 


Anyway, several hours after registration, I realized that this site pulled the avatar I use for my gmail account and automatically used it as my profile picture without me knowing it. Since I am an in-the-closet agnostic and all of my friends and immediate family are fundamentalist Christians, I was a little alarmed to see my face and username I use all across the internet show up as the profile picture on this site without me knowing it. I'm glad I caught it as soon as I did since I want to remain anonymous. 


So my request is that this site refrains from automatically setting your avatar during registration so you don't unintentionally reveal your identity like I did. 


I don't mean to be a complainer - I just would like to help improve this site even if it is something little. It seems like a nice site and I just need someplace where I can express myself. I intend to post my testimony of how a became agnostic sometime soon and hopefully become somewhat active on this site. 


Thanks mods for reading.



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So sorry about this. I have personally never heard of it before? Ex is wonderful place to remain anonymous  for the very reasons you state above. Has anyone else heard of this happening? 

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