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Pensacola, FL, Local Satanist removed from meeting after protesting prayer policy

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Local Satanist removed from ECUA meeting after protesting prayer policy


A local religious freedom activist and Satanist was removed from an Emerald Coast Utilities Authority board meeting Thursday afternoon.


David Suhor, a member of the West Florida Chapter of The Satanic Temple, was removed from the ECUA meeting after trying to pray before the meeting was called to order.


A video posted to YouTube shows Suhor arguing about his right to pray before the meeting and chanting "Hare Krishna" when a security guard instructed him to leave. [Snipped]



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And now, back to the regularly scheduled conversation...

There's some guy that used to play the guitar for his 1 minute of public comment at city council meetings. Kind of a waste of taxpayer dollars but I guess a citizen has his individual right to be a douche.

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