U.S. to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

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2 hours ago, Jeff said:

To clarify my interest, I dont care which group lived there 3000 years ago. 

I care about some kid or family who is stuck in a camp and wants to go live somewhere normal-ish and pursue their interests. Any country in the region would hopefully open their arms as the cultural assimilation may be somewhat easy?

I look at the middle-east as a huge archaic religious cluster-fuck. There are no clean hands there and I get tired of hearing that there is only one answer to the situation. 

I want to think that there are ways to diffuse the situation for individuals.

There are 6 million Palestinians in diaspora, with only about 70,000 in Egypt with no permanent camps set up.  This is largely due to the legacy of conflict with Egypt earlier on with Israel, so it looks like they could take more but other Arab countries contain 5 million Palestinians total.  


The problem is the religious elements involved, both see Jerusalem as the Capital, with Palestinians wanting the eastern section of the city as part of the two-state solution.  As Vigile pointed out, Israel is sending their people to settlements in Palestinian land, similar to the colonizing of the American frontier.  Make yourself a Jewish constituency throughout the country and then you make the two-state solution impossible, which is what the Zionists want.  


It was a terrible idea to place the Jewish people in Israel, they should have been brought to America, France and the UK.  Instead, we have created an endless source of inspiration for jihad and religious nuts to conceive of conflicts which might bring about the return of Jesus, both Muslims and Christians think he will come back and slaughter their enemies.

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