Convincing Evidence That The Star of Bethlehem Is A Pious Fraud

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The birth of Jesus Christ cannot be confirmed historically, but apologists correctly point out that almost no ancient births can be confirmed historically. It was just too long ago. 

Are there events that the Bible reports are associated with Christ's birth, and are big enough to be reported by the surviving writings of ancient authors? The Star of Bethlehem (also called the "Christmas Star") is such an event. If it indeed happened, it should be widely reported by even secular astronomers (astrologers) and historians, such as Pliny and Josephus, who do report other astronomical events. 

The Star of Bethlehem also had huge apologetic and evangelistic value to First Century Christians, because surviving eyewitnesses would have been able to confirm it. We should expect it to figure prominently in the evangelistic sermons that are reported in the New Testament, and in the Epistles that argue in favor of Christ's divinity. 

Disprove the Star of Bethlehem, and you have powerful evidence against the reliability of the entire nativity story in the Gospel of Matthew. 

I've created a video that discusses the Star of Bethlehem, and the fact that the evidence for it is so completely lacking that I have not been able to find a single Christian apologist who even tries to defend it. 


Why Won't Christian Apologists Defend Matthew's Christmas Star of Bethlehem?



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