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Fluff News at Christmas


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Not sure if this is some local thing or what. My local broadcast and print media has not had much of anything substantial in the past 48 hours.  It's like they all think they're not supposed to upset us with reality at this blessed time. Our local CBS affiliate actually cancelled all local newscasts last night for a program of local choir music. Sunday's paper had nothing of interest,  lot of cute little human interest stories.  Real news was confined to one page or so. 


Don't want to sound like the Grinch, but come on; life goes on and so does the ugliness of the world. It just seems so Pollyanna.  


OK I will shut up now. Still annoying as hell. 

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I think that, as always, it's about ratings and readership. The majority are not inclined to follow all the doom, gloom and covfefe during the holiday season. People are trying to relax and have fun for a couple of days, fer chrissakes. Media reflects this.

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5 hours ago, Citsonga said:

Perhaps it was to lighten their schedules so they could celebrate the holidays. The fluff could've been prepared in advance. 



Having worked for a newspaper, I can say that that is what it is. No one wants to work the holidays. 

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