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It's late in Memorial Day here where I am, but I spent quite a bit of time today remembering soldiers that died fighting for what they believed in. 

I only personally knew one that died in war, and that was in 'Nam. I met him once when I was thirteen or so.

My older sister and her friend Debbie took a trip "up north" to visit a town where we had lived a few years before on the shore of Lake Michigan.

On the way back, they ran out of gas in the middle of an intersection about 60 miles from home, and didn't have any money left to buy any. So much for thinking ahead. Back then in the late sixties, of course no one had a cellphone.

Along came two soldiers, friends and traveling together on leave, one in the Air Force and one in the Army. They pushed my sisters Cadillac (my step-dad bought it for her as a birthday present, so don't go thinking we were rich. It cost him something like fifty bucks because at the time it was old, a 1958) out of the intersection and to a corner gas station, and bought them enough gas to get home.

My sister and her friend invited them to follow them home, it being the late sixties, so they did.

Turned out that they were decent enough guys despite being young and no doubt randy as Hell. Mom and step-dad invited them to spend the night sleeping in the living room, but we all stayed up half the night with them talking about Vietnam and their respective growing up in the small Michigan town where they met.


Anyway, to make a long story short, the Army guy eventually became my brother in law and I spent three wonderful summers in Colorado and in Alabama with him and my sister on Army bases (Carson, McClellan, and  Rucker).


My  BIL had served two terms in Vietnam, and his buddy the Airman went back for a third term and never came home. KIA. 


I don't even recall his name now much to my shame (although my sister could tell me) but then again I only met him that one time and it was almost fifty years ago. He was a drummer. He was a good guy. He had a good sense of humor (I remember that!)  and he was only at my house for one mostly sleepless night telling stories and relating adventures. 


So I'm remembering him this Memorial Day.  



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"So it is true then, that everything in Australia is trying to kill you?" (Duderonomy)

No, mostly only the things you step on. And that's only fair, you wouldn't like it if I stepped on you. 😛


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