How weird were you when you were a Christian?

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When I was about 12 I tried to convert a few of my classmates. That session ended with them laughing hysterically. That was my kind of weird. I'm still weird these days...just in a different way. :D

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Gosh, I was a true believer so I didn’t feel weird, but I was fucking weird. I was also pretty insecure so thinking there was a god behind everything gave me a kind of courage that I hadn’t really earned and which I am stilling trying to grow into.


Nothing like the false religious shit to make people who have no reason to be confident speak as if all the mysteries of life and the universe were known to them alone. 


I mostly feel ashamed of the people I feel I gaslighted into believing there was something supernatural beyond, which they were either too ignorant or incapable of understanding. 


I feel the pain of this now still as I deconvert and find my “real”. 

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