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Top Ten False Prophecies Spoken by Jesus Christ - Video


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I am an ex-Christian who became an Atheist/Agnostic while I was in a Bible believing ministerial grad school, studying to be a conservative Christian minister and professional Christian apologist. 


One of the most difficult issues for me, from the day that I was "Born Again" until I renounced my Christian faith, was the prophesies in the Bible. Christian ministers, seminary professors, para-church leaders and others kept talking about how "precise" and "miraculous" these prophecies were. But the more that I investigated them, the more they looked like pious frauds and contorted misinterpretations of Scripture, or worse. 


Eventually, this was one of the reasons why I rejected Christianity. 


I've created a 14+ minute video that lists 10 of the most easily disproved "prophecies" that were spoken by Jesus Christ, according to the Bible. In most cases, I use the Bible itself to disprove them, although 2-3 disproofs are just common sense.


I hope this provides some interesting topics for your discussions with your Christian friends. Enjoy!!


Top Ten False Prophecies Spoken By Jesus Christ



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Very interesting, good stuff! It's useful to have so many similar verses grouped under headings as you've grouped them.


Just a note: the Greek word for "sign" is spelled σημεῖον with an eta, not σεμειον.


Rock on! 

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Thank you for the compliment and feedback, ficino. 


Thanks also for setting me straight on σημεῖον. I looked it up in my Young's Concordance, and you are right. 

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