What question could Christianity never answer for you?

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8 hours ago, Riven said:


I hear you @offtheromanroad


This is actually one of the core issues that caused me to walk out the door. The very people that Jesus hung out with are demonized as "the other" in Western Christianity. It's sickening. I have trouble getting past the rage some days. Of course, I'm fresh off the turnip truck as they say, so I'm still raw.


Yes.. the "others" -- aka everybody that doesn't fit into their prefabricated Christian templates. I also never understood why certain Christians tend to see "the devil" in everything.

Maybe take those turnips and throw them away  I totally understand your anger. It's been a while for me, but at times, I am still angry. It's just so intolerant.... "Love the sinner, hate the sin, lalala." BS!

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