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The Non-Prophets 15.01


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The Topsy-Turvy Episode!; Russell's review of Spotlight; Kent Hovind: "God put contradictions in the Bible to weed out atheists!"; Email: Response to the "Mad at God" argument; Antonin Scalia says govt. can favor religion; Mail: "Would you restrict your child's exposure to religion?"; Charlie Hebdo - 1 year Later; Mail: Church of Finland - You can resign online!; Russell - "I Have a Question!"; Armed "militia" members seize frozen outhouse in the middle of nowhere; Jeff - Shit Theists Email to Our Show! "Science Foreknowledge Found Only in the Bible!"; Mail: "Why don't anti-choicers stand up for abortion doctor killers?"rnrnCopyright 2016, Atheist Community of Austin

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