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Contender Ministries


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Hi all,


Some of you may have visited the 'Contender Ministries' website, but it bugs the crap out of me.


Not only that, it will bug most Xtians and other religions as well. This site classifies every human belief system and then debunks them all with lots of Godspeak. You are all WRONG and we are all going to heaven - yep heard it before!


What I found hilarious about this site was the mailbag section. The is no VIEW MAIL for humanists or athiests, despite us being viewed CM as one of the enemy.


The only hate mail looks like it was written by a fundy not an atheist - Pure Gold!!


I ******* Hate You! - 10/24/2003


You ******* bible ******* **** ****! You are ******* retarded. Your points of what is going to happen before the "End Times" are like saying "You will trip some day soon". Of course that's going to happen. People are ******* stupid but they are so stupid that they will fall for your ********. My dog would do a better job of translating the bible than you ******* *******. I am sorry for the swearing you ******* christian. Is it burning your ears? All I have to say to you is Good day sir you ****.


~Roaming Thunder, A God among men.


Nice work Roaming.








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