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The Non-Prophets 17.11 2018-20-06 with Denis Loubet, Eric Murphy, and Jamie Boon


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Launching show Patreon. Dennis is physically ready to go. Kids are being torn from their parents at the border and Trump white house totes ok with it. Republican Jesus. Humans in cages. Racism in a fascist government. Getting Fucked by YouTube. Children are rapists...? All immigrant are MS-13 gang of "Animals". Godwin’s Law. Are we disorganized? Listener mail. Most Atheists revert to religion, says study. Lee Strobel, real Atheist? We have Atheist family. Richard Dawkins. Every day Atheist things. Atheism is unattractive...? Truth in evidence. Flashback to shock of god. #GrindOnJamie. FFRF court victory - Suing Greg Abbott. Ken Hamm can't loosens requirements to be an employees. Ark Encounter taxes. ACA buys the Ark Encounter #SinkTheArk. Prophetess can't stop a volcano. Disney is taking over. Self-immolation for god. God likes Gin & Tonic. God is worst lawyer ever - Stuffed animals loses legal battle. New religion - Narwhal bock chain #BlockChainJesus and #CyptoProphet. NY Times reports on theocracy. Vigilante justice. Alex Jones. #NonProphetThreesome. Methodists accuse Jeff Sessions of child abuse. #AXP1000 with Seth Andrews.

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