Empathic ties

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Yeah I know you can feel me


Since you were a child


They gave you the silver spoon


And you expected a golden plate


You were a gifted child


Learning how to bend people to your will


But you never controlled your gift


You just had to play with daddy's head


But what did I know


That all my feeling's are just mine


And you grew into such a bitter little girl


But that bitterness was also mine


Why did you stamp on my shoe that day?


Just to see what was going to send


Like I knew back then what we both were


Then before I had a chance to breath


You bloomed into a beautiful woman


With a smile on your face


And a suitcase full of lies


All the while twisting in the nails


All the while I was going silently mad


But that didn't stop you transmitting junk


And that didn't phase you one little bit


Knowing that I'd suffer a fate worse than death


And I'd have no emotional peace


But I figured it out in the nick of time


And now you're running for the hills


And now you're running from everything I feel.

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