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Hide The Lotion and Shower Gel, The Debil Be In It!!

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So my X and her husband got sucked into the Dominionist cult........ Christian Taliban, total Jebus freaks.

Well today my wife was at my youngest daughters house and my daughter (32) made the comment that her mom and step-father were having big problems with one of their adopted children, a boy who is now 14.

Seems he is not allowed to get on a computer so he finds unattended cell phones in the house and surfs for porn on them. This was information given to my daughter when she recently visited her mom. My daughter also mentioned that when she was visiting she noticed that the boy was kinda funky as in he needed to spend some time in the rain locker and also maybe start using deodorant. So she took him to the store, bought him some deodorant and some of that liquid body wash that's popular with that age group. When they got home her mom threw a fit and made her take the body wash back to the store because,......


"He will do inappropriate things with it!"




It's especially funny to me cause me and her mom started dating when she was 14 and she was a total horn toad. She would do anything in the sack.... a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g.


Anyway, personally I don't find what the boy is doing to be disgusting like his mother does. What I do find disgusting is how his parents, the hypocrites that they are, will shame the boy for being human, shame him for having natural desires and curiosity and likely turn him into a sexually repressed individual.  



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     Mommy has guilt and now sonny has to pay the price.  It's god's way.




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Damned straight, so to speak. ;)


Really, though, soon enough, the boy will be one of those statistics - "Teens Leaving Church In Record Numbers!!!" or something.


All it takes is for the guilt of the parents to be contrasted against the hypocrisy of the congregation.


Too bad that by the time the young man realizes his original desires were normal, the guilty/religiously-oppressed side may have screwed up more than a few relationships.

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