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Catholic priests raise 5 main objections against grand jury report


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These rotten motherfuckers... :woopsie:





The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Tuesday is expected to release the response from state Attorney General Josh Shapiro to petitions by priests to revise a grand jury report into clergy sex abuse.


The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Tuesday is expected to release the latest salvo in a last-ditch effort to amend what is expected to be a blistering report on the Catholic Church statewide.

The court is slated to release the response of state Attorney General Josh Shapiro to efforts by at least two dozen priests seeking to revise the report from the 40th Statewide Grand Jury. The priests, current and former, whose names have been redacted from the report, have petitioned the court seeking to revise or block the release of the forthcoming 800-plus page report.

At the very least, the priests argue they should be granted an opportunity to respond to allegations in the report that connect them to child sex crimes.

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It gets better...




Apparently the Church has been donating to various judges' reelection campaigns during this process.


I don't know why the Church gets a better deal than anyone else.  People's Grand Jury trial results get reported on all the time.  You'd think a FOIA request would make this whole thing null and void.  Of course, what do I know?  I think I remember reading somewhere that a priest in the Middle Ages had total belief in God because He let the Church continue to exist despite the cesspool of corruption it was.  Good to know some things never change.

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