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If God exists


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If Gods exists he will not be found in Grim Churches or dusty volumes full of both chapter and verse.

He has no part in unfulfilled promises or strange visions that isolate and confuse.

He is not in the laying on of sweaty hands or the droning voice of inflated male ego at the front.

If God exists he no more comes in human form than in the splendour of a garden worm.

If God exists he is not he or she but it.

The it that is a tree or river

The it that is the universe in which we all stand

The it that is a single breath of mine.

The Its that claim nothing and just happen to be.

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If God exists I think it has made it clear that it isn't the least bit interested in humans or creation. 

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Geezer. I have a horrible feeling that something exists with an over interest in humans and creation and a strong desire to ruin them.

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