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Ye old faith


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I'd think that nothing in the world would make me pick up that old faith, but when I was stuck out in the cold and surrounded by religious organizations I fell back into my old belief system.


Obviously Christianity still has some root's deep in my mind. A pastor took me into his church when I was on the street's, I lasted a week there, putting up with his indoctrinated fundamental way's. He took an interest in using me for his ministry work, but I walked out of his church and back on the streets.


I visited so many government housing organization's and food kitchens, only to discover that they are hopelessly resourceless. The religious charity group's were far better set up, and I had to deal with the hoopla to get assistance.


I played the Christian for a while, but it felt like shit. These people believe in something that is delusional to it's core, but they function normally in the world. I couldn't keep going on with the lie, I don't know how they can. (It's very upsetting)


I've lost everything due to the effects of this Religion, even my dignity for going back to a god who's never lifted a finger to help me. I hope that I don't face death the same way, I hope I'll be ready to go gracefully when that day comes.


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